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Why ProtectaChild?
ProtectaChild is a social network monitoring tool that helps protect your children from the potential dangers of Cyber bullying and online predators with sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter. ProtectaChild can help you by providing an easy-to-use, "cloud-based" Internet-based tool for parents and children which reduces risks and teaches proper social networking behaviour.

What are your children saying online?
Too many parents lack the technical expertise required to protect their children online. Having a conversation with your children is the most valuable step to ensure Internet protection. Parents need to be aware and stay updated on social media trends and common Internet lingo; ProtectaChild provides the resources needed to stay educated in this environment.

Who are your children talking to online?
Online predators can contact your children online through social networking sites; they can obtain information about children's ages, location and interests. With ProtectaChild's effective monitoring capabilities, you can receive alerts when adults are added to your children's network and find out who your children are friends with online.

What are your children posting online?
Inappropriate photos and content that your children post online now can affect their future lives adversely. When applying to colleges or for jobs these postings may taint their opportunities. Use ProtectaChild to monitor their online content and help protect their future.

How ProtectaChild can help Parents
As parents, always knowing what your children are saying or doing and posting online can be difficult to keep up with. Social media trends and websites are rapidly evolving, and many parents simply don't have the time to constantly check up on children's Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter accounts. That's where ProtectaChild steps can help: we offer a cloud based Internet tool that can help monitor your children online 24/7, this will save you time and gives you deeper insight into who your children are communicating with and what they are saying online.