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Online Safety

What is ProtectaChild?
ProtectaChild is a monitoring tool, which can help parents protect their children as they network online. By keeping parents up to speed on the methods children use to stay in touch with friends. We help you to monitor and educate your children in the ever changing and dynamic world of social networking.

I've got Internet filtering software. Why do I need ProtectaChild?
Internet filtering software only monitors your child's activity on the computer it is installed on. Your child has access to their social network accounts from many locations, including a friend's house, their mobile phone, school, etc. ProtectaChild allows you to monitor their social network activity regardless of where they access from; this is the cloud based function.

I've got my child's username and password why do I need ProtectaChild?
Having your child's username and password is a great start. But to check out every page of the child's social network accounts is time consuming and tedious and allows for potential issues to slip through the cracks. That's where ProtectaChild can help; our objective is to make it easy for the parent, we alert you via email when problematic issues arise.

I'm friended by my child so why do I need ProtectaChild?
Being connected to your child's social network account by being "friended" or "following" them is a ProtectaChild is a great tool in addition to that because it allows you to monitor content your child might use with privacy settings and helps you filter through enormous amounts of data/content your child might be posting. Our aim is to help make it quicker and easier so the parent finds a seamless approach to cyber protection.

What does ProtectaChild monitor?
ProtectaChild monitors your child's activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Gogole+, Instagram, and Bebo. We monitor the friend's network and friends of friends, photos and comments posted. We search comments, posts, status updates, profiles, private messages, photo and video captions and descriptions, and then we alert you if your child befriends an adult or a person that has no other mutual friends with your child on that network. ProtectaChild will also notify you of any content that includes key words in our database. The actual content can be monitored in various ways for each social network.

What social networks do you monitor?
ProtectaChild currently monitors activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, Instagram, and Bebo.