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What is "Cloud" based and why is this important?
Cloud based programs allow for monitoring via the internet as opposed to particular PC's - what this means to parents is that your child can use a friend's computer or one at school and you will still be able to monitor their activity.

Monitoring and Email Alerts.
ProtectaChild allows you to see your children online activity and flag suspicious content with 24/7 monitoring. ProtectaChild automatically searches for keywords in the categories of alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and depression and sends email alerts whenever inappropriate, dangerous or hurtful messages are found.

Parental control
Parents can provide additional keywords for monitoring; this is unlimited and simply done through an upload feature which is easy to use. By allowing for a Customizable Keyword option, ProtectaChild can send alerts when content is posted and includes keywords customized to the family's specific needs

Screening Tools
ProtectaChild provides the names, pictures and profiles (age, location, gender) of every friend in your children's networks which allows parents to identify and investigate children's online "friends" easily and quickly.

Adult Friend Alert
ProtectaChild sends you an email alert whenever your child "friends" someone that is identified as an adult.

Out of Network Friends
When your child "friends" people who are outside of their network that have no other friends in common with your child; ProtectaChild will notify you.

Photo/Video Monitoring
ProtectaChild allows you to see all the photos that your child posts to their social network sites. You can see photos posted by their friends where your child is "tagged". ProtectaChild screens all captions and comments attached to photos and sends you an email alert if potentially dangerous content is found.